The company pioneers in offering intelligent and innovative “Solutions”.

Their product & service range offered with a high level of working safety, comfort, functionality, and supported by value added solutions and services.

The company specializes in providing integrated solutions in factory and warehouse automation, standard and customized material handling solutions and door automation. Apart from this the company is also equipped in providing water management and drainage solutions (external and internal).

For any project our scope commences from understanding the requirement, functionality, designing a solution to installation and commissioning. Further we prefer to be with you by providing a service backup for a ‘commitment beyond contract’.

What bought them to Improsys?

In their current working conditions their teams were struggling with their existing process and needed a way to improve its flow of work. We introduced the team to our CRM Software to see if it would help.

We had previously experimented with our own company and had a high degree of confidence that it could provide the enterprise the solution they were looking for.

The team improved its effectiveness and our CRM software proved itself to be a critical tool that not only enabled that success but provided visibility into the entire working process.

What was their first impression on Improsys CRM software?

The first thing we noted is how easy Improsys CRM is to set up and operate, which is essential for a tool to be successful. It’s intuitive design and simplicity allows users to grasp the modus operandi of the software very quickly. As the team started using Improsys CRM two key strengths emerged.

Improsys CRM makes it easy to visualize, prioritize and sequence work in a way that provides meaning to the people actually doing the work.

The flexibility Improsys CRM provides in letting teams own the representation of their work gives them the ability - and therefore the responsibility – to control how they get the work done.

Our organization needed a tool that would allow us to pursue Lean principles without being prescriptive – yet at the same time provide underlying consistency to track the movement of work. Improsys CRM met that requirement.

What was the implementation process?

Rather than implement the software via a centralized rollout - an approach that had been tantamount to organ rejection with other tools in the past - we connected with teams individually to understand their needs and explain how our software could help them improve their working methods. Their interest in the software grew gradually as they progressed in using their software.

The flexibility Improsys CRM provides in letting teams own the representation of their work gives them the ability - and therefore the responsibility – to control how they get the work done.

How easily did the teams adapt to using CRM software?

The teams readily embraced the CRM software as it’s so easy to use and doesn’t require any training or documentation. It’s the only tool we’ve found that gives each team the flexibility to define and evolve its process in a context-driven way. This provides a lot of freedom and control in the way each team works and enables them to experiment with ways to improve effectiveness

What led to the CRM integration with Microsoft Office 365?

The teams readily embraced the CRM software as it’s so easy to use and doesn’t require any training or documentation. But the teams were already adapted to working with Microsoft Office tools. Our engineers were spending a lot of their time manually duplicating entries in both systems. This became an increasing source of frustration, so we engaged with Improsys CRM software to build an integration that would address this.

How has the integration changed the way the teams work?

The teams are now working seamlessly on the software without any interruptions. CRM software integrated with Microsoft office 365 has filled the missing links such as the communications between the employees has taken a new shape as well as the output potential of the work has increased beyond our expectations.

What benefits are you realizing from the integration?

Time saved is the obvious benefit. There’s also a productivity benefit associated with reducing the number of workflow interruptions. It’s easy to lose focus on the task you’re trying to complete when you have to switch context.

Integration with Outlook - We are getting timely alert mails for the documents pending for followup from the integration of Outlook mail service. We can also directly send mails of quotation and the concerned documents directly through the mail via CRM software.

Integration with Excel – Integrating CRM software with excel has helped us in many ways. We can directly import our master data to the software from Microsoft Excel sheets. Also Excel provided us with the graphical representation of our report data for the business analysis.

Integration with MS Access – CRM software uses MS Access as a database management tool. The ease of using the tables for storage of data of the software into the MS Access helps in seamless working of the CRM software.

Integration with Word – Integration of Microsoft Word with the CRM software has saved time for us for preparing critical documents for business transactions.

How do you use CRM software to track and measure effectiveness?

There’s not a single tool out there that can solve every problem - especially given the high level of diversity at Improsys CRM Softawre. Using Microsoft Office and Improsys CRM software together enables us to combine the value of both tools, minimizing effort without introducing complexity.


At our organisation we’re committed to continuous improvement. We’re constantly looking at ways to increase our organizational effectiveness through improved processes, policies, tools and training. Improsys CRM software supports and enables that pursuit. It allows each team to experiment and see the results. As a result it’s helping us drive cultural change around Lean concepts and become more sophisticated in our practices