Lesson 1: Show My Task-The Concept

The Concept

  When teams rely on notebooks, diaries, spreadsheets, text-based lists, and emails to keep track of their work, most of the time the task is forgotten or the task gets buried when the pages of diaries are turned. And if a particular task to be done involves multiple steps and a team of people to get it done, then you’re probably familiar with the misunderstandings, oversights, and handoff delays that can easily occur.

ShowMyTasks is a feature-rich task and project management software that is easy-to-use which improves communication and overall productivity of your team. It is a comprehensive task management software which allows you to keep track of your and your teams tasks. ShowMyTasks is also available on android phone which enables you to be productive while you are on the move.

- Task creation covers collaborative capabilities for turning ideas into tasks. Includes activities involved before setting tasks, particularly patterns of collaboration involving planning

- Task visualization covers presentation of tasks, most often through time and list forms. Priority visualization encompasses classification (e.g., budget, time, stakeholder) and mechanism (e.g., color code or text). Calendaring covers scheduling (e.g., availability, meetings, appointments and other potential conflicts) and notifications.

- Notifications covers configurable settings for informing past, present and pending deadlines.

- Assigning resources encompasses the ability to delegate tasks and tools to single or multiple people.

- Compatibility covers the ability of a task management environment to connect to other systems, software and environments. Task sharing software includes setting a structure and restrictions on communication going from the task management environment to other software, systems and environments.

- Configurability covers ability to add, remove and manage functionality and usability in task management environments.

- Scalability encompasses ability to perform a task properly when a change in the quantity of users is done to meet the specific task requirements.

- Reporting encompasses presentation of information by displaying either in tabular or graphical display.

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